How To Prevent Windows Operating System

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It is common knowledge that computers run on operating systems. These operating systems are software made up of small programs. These programs use data and information in the PC to run the OS. The same is true for Windows operating systems. The computer stores all these data in the hard drives. You might have seen the hard drive partitions as ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’ and so on. In most cases the C drive has Windows, while the other drives have stored images, movies etc. There is a reason for that. A separate hard drive for the OS means more space. That allows Windows to run faster. And if need be, Windows can be restored without deleting files from the other partitions. But in some cases many of you buy laptops with Windows 10 preinstalled. You…show more content…
Many of the downloaded files often have malware in them especially if downloaded from free websites. On downloading them you might have infected Windows with viruses. Now since all files are stored in the same drive, they can get infected. You will need a hard drive cleaner for Windows 10 after that. But you will first have to remove the threat using a malware removal tool like Hit Malware. You might ask how to choose the right hard drive cleaner for free. The reason is simple. You might see that you are unable to remove infected file from the PC. Windows is becoming slower every day and running out of memory. This keeps happening even when you are not downloading and saving new files. The malware infected files are responsible for these issues. But you can’t remove them manually. Thus you might need to download a hard drive cleaner software for free like Max Utilities. The software will clean the unwanted files safely freeing up…show more content…
Let’ say you have bought a new laptop. You have then installed Windows 7 on it. It has no problems booting initially. But you see that it fails to boot after you install new programs. You then restart the laptop. You see that it runs automatic repair and then Windows just doesn’t start. You keep getting an error message. The message keeps asking you insert a bootable media or drive. The logical thing to do is to try and repair Windows 7 using the installation media. But you end up getting another error. It says that the hard drive has been locked and needs to be unlocked. So you are left asking what is causing this hard drive error. The error might seem complicated but the reason is simple. The hard drive cache has become corrupted. Often infection by malware is responsible for this. In some cases incorrect installation of new software can lead to unwanted cache entries. But let’s be honest. How many of you know how to safely empty the cache. There is way out of this without needing to reinstall Windows

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