The Five Conditions Of Work Groups

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There are five basic conditions that distinguish a team from a workgroup. " The five conditions are teams must be real. Teams need a compelling direction. Teams need enabling structure. Teams need a supportive organization. Teams need expert coaching." ( Bethel. pg.5). Teams being real refers to a group of individuals who are assigned to work in groups in relation to their skills sets teams as opposed to in work groups. In workgroups, the assigned individuals are put together to work on a common goal without predetermined roles in the groups. In a team setting the individuals are skills set and willingness to work collectively in a group. Teams needing a compelling direction in teams as opposed to workgroups refers to the group…show more content…
A lack of clearly defined goals or targets hinders a team's effectiveness. Team members performance a majority of the work maid more than others speak to lack of commitment problem in team settings. Power struggles between individuals also hinder the team's performance and fail in the category of the team's lack of commitment. Individuals selected for a team should be highly motivated and possess the necessary skills to carry and objectives assigned to the teams. Poor communication is another problem that hinders a team's performance. Individuals in a team usually have different perspectives and viewpoints on issues. Communicating those ideas in a way that team members can understand each other is critical. Poor communication in a team setting leads to poor time management and the team running behind on schedule to finish a project. Scheduling meetings where team members can air out their ideas and new points is one way to correct this…show more content…
This is achieved when team members uphold their performance standards on their team production. If provides the individuals in a team setting with different task to achieve team production. Support for innovation is a type of skill associated with ideal team members. This provides the individuals in a team setting with providing new and different ideas for the team to use to achieve team production . " Conflict management is a type of skill associated with idea team members. This helps thw teams to mediate problems between individuals in a team setting. This helps ensure that each individual in the team is happy with the teams choices." ( Dayle, 2017). We develop a team system for keeping our person served with diets, medications, monthly bills, and exercising schedule on time. It was a work group team. The strengths of the team were made on time and in order to develop a good environment for the person served. The weakness of the team were clashing on different ideas and ways to complete the schedules. Individuals was not completing their jobs duties on time like they should have been. I would keep the way the monthly schedules are made I wish they would find better individuals on the team. The schedule did benefit the person served daily

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