The Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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On average about 5000 animals are killed in zoos each year, and at least seven people a year are injured in zoo related animal attacks. After reviewing these statistics, we should really sit down and think, are zoos worth the risk? For too long, mankind has held the extraordinary creatures of the earth captive, depriving animals of the life that nature has intended for them. It is time we end this unnecessary practice, so that all animals of the world can live in peace and freedom. As a kid the zoo made an amazing impact on my life. Getting to see such wonderful animals up close shaped the beauty of how magnificent the world was in many different perspectives. Sadly, in today’s time I don’t view the zoo as a magnificent place, but more of a money guzzling hell for animals. The amount of animal deaths a year are not caused by natural selection, but mainly caused by animals committing self-harm to the other animals or people. A certain case I’d like to shine light upon is Tilikum the SeaWorld killer whale. Tilikum was first brought to SeaWorld in Orlando Florida from SeaLand, a Canadian water park, when he was only nine years old. The orca is known to be a very intelligent species and relies on other orcas of the same relation to cope with basic life activities. Tilikum was ripped from his family putting him through much stress causing him to act out and demonstrate bad behaviors. As Tilikum grew larger he out grew his of his exhibit and his pod forcing him to be
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