The Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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Growing up I had my own idea of what a zoo was, a place like the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo full of beautiful animals and dedicated to education, research, and conservation. After persistent research I have come to find that not all zoos are the same. Zoos can range from nationally ranked research facilities to makeshift “monkey-shows” dedicated to profit. The debate of whether zoos are ethical can be easily split between animal rights activists and zoo advocates. Animal rights activists argue that it is inhumane to house animals in inadequate habitats and are upset that many species that aren’t considered endangered are being held in zoos around the world. Zoo advocates argue for the conservation and research of endangered species, and thoroughly work to benefit different species and keep them healthy. Both arguments base their reasoning off of varying ideas, animals rights activists address the physical downfalls of animals in captivity, how it is nearly impossible to perfectly recreate an animals natural habitat, and the abuse of animals in captivity. Zoo advocates argue that the conservation and research of endangered species is necessary to keep them from extinction, they fight for humane treatment of animals around the world and work hard to show the real problem in today’s environment.
Endearing Emotions As you can imagine, stories of animal abuse and the destruction of natural habitats around the world cultivate a strong emotional foundation that drives many people’s
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