Essay On Student Dishonesty

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Students in high school and college have always found a way to perform academic dishonesty on tests and school work and it is continuing to get worse in the digital age. Students have multiple different ways to be dishonest and the students are not entirely at fault, due to the amount of stress instructors place on top of them causing the students to cheat. Student ethics may vary depending on the situation and pressure put on top of them by teachers and parents, which pushes them to cheat instead of achieve. Any use of unauthorized materials used by students is considered unethical and therefore considered cheating. Using an unprovided source for school work is dishonest and will have consequences if they are caught. Seval Eminoclu Kucuktepe explained in his article,published in General Reference Center Gold, “College students’ cheating behaviors” cheating as, “Intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials”(Kucuktepe 1). Cheating in school is a serious issue to instructors and should continue to be. Students do not grasp the reality and long term effects on cheating, especially in the digital age. Student’s who cheat will likely admit to their unethical behavior under an anonymous figure over time.…show more content…
If a student cheats throughout nursing school and becomes a surgeon, then they patients life’s are at risk. Cris Tovani further explained this idea in his article, “How we drive students to cheat” published in Educational Leadership, by stating, “Students need to know that the content we’re teaching is connected to the world outside school” (Tovani 2). The content goes outside of school, which means if they cheat it could affect not only their future, but the future of others. If they cheat throughout school and finally graduate, then they claim to be something they are not which can include doctors, nurses, surgeons and many
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