The Pros And Cons Of Downloading Music

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A major debate about the method of gaining music affects the beloved music world today. Downloading and sharing music online without authorization from the creators happens often. When a person gets caught doing these two illegal actions, they face jail time and fines. The punishment for these actions resulted in a debate over the wrongness of sharing and downloading music. People bring up the points that more people gain access to the music which helps boost the fan levels which in turn helps the artist. People should consider that illegally downloading and sharing music harms the artists who made the songs.
Some may argue that music downloads give artists more success with exposure. When a performer receives exposure to the music world, people
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If people do not buy the songs, inevitably the artist does not get money, so that equals loss of profit. Phil Galdston, a professional songwriter, reveals that artists get compensation every time their song gets reproduced in a hard copy or digital copy unless an unofficial network created the digital copy. When a person downloads an unofficial copy, they don’t give any profit to the artist who created the song. By downloading that song, a person steals hard earned profit straight out of the pockets of their favorite song producers. The money, they need to support themselves and their families, lost as a result of those illegal free downloads.
Musicians need help combatting the effects of unauthorized downloading and sharing of music. The artist’s protection by the Copyright laws fails to help the artist and leads to theft of their creative work and loss of profit which harms the artists. Though there are other factors that can harm a music creator, one of the top factors includes downloading and sharing music illegally. While there seems like many benefits come from these actions, the drawbacks outweigh them. The first step to helping the music industry includes admitting the problem starts with unauthorized duplication and distribution of
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