Kidney Donation Research Paper

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Sinqobile Mkhize
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Would You Donate a Kidney to Your Aging Parent - Why or Why Not?

Kidney donation is a very complex process in such a way that. The impact that it has is not only of a biomedical aspect, where I believe that its primary objective is to prolong the life of a person who is experiencing illness. Rather it comes with social and cultural consequences too. As key issues such as morality, also come into effect. In this essay, I will discuss how the process of kidney has been normalized in a social context. Secondly, how morality and ethics come into effect. Due to kidney donation subliminally being an obligatory gift, especially in close kinship ties (Kaufman et al, 2006) . For example, between elderly parents who have aged significantly and their adult children. Thirdly, how kidney donation does not guarantee the elimination of all health concerns, but because of the fact that it is a generally successful procedure. Hence, it is a lucrative idea with consequences. Lastly, I will talk about why I would make the decision to donate my kidney to my parent and the vast reasons for this.
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As it was very uncommon until the twentieth century. Where in the mid 1960s, Dr Christiaan Barnard. A South African cardiologist was able to perform the world’s first successful heart transplant. Since then, organ donation has taken the world by storm. Thus, becoming very common. Especially, in the global north. Where countries like the US strongly emphasize longevity and livelihood. Which includes organ donation, such as kidneys as part of a “life-prolongation” process (Kaufman,
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