The Pros And Consequences Of Online Shopping

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Online shopping is a better experience than going to the store in person. But when it's handled poorly, online shopping can result in unhappy customers and unprofitable merchants. Despite of the good benefits from using online shopping, there are still problems that customers encounter from it. One of these is lack of face-to-face communication to people that give them courage to fool you. Since it is necessary to provide credit card information when purchasing, other people worry this information may be compromised and that they may be victims of "identity theft". This discourages some to participate in online shopping. Fake online shopping websites just want you money and won’t give anything in return. Another is the quality of the product…show more content…
Uncertainty is related to the possible outcomes of positive or negative behavior and undesired results of these consequences. Uncertainty is also linked with the possible loss of money while making a financial transaction for a particular product on the internet (Kumar & Dange, 2014). Financial transactions on the internet are linked to various risk factor. Furthermore, customers perceive different risk factors before transferring money to online merchant. These factors could be financial loss, security and privacy (Adnan, 2014).
Different dimensions of perceived risk such as e-retailer source risk, purchasing process & time loss risk, delivery risk, financial risk, product performance risk, asymmetric information risk, and privacy risk regarding online shopping intentions have negatively impacted consumer’s online shopping behavior (Naiyi,
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The fishbone will help to visually display the many potential causes for a specific problem or effect. It is particularly useful in a group setting and for situations in which little quantitative data is available for analysis. It is noted that on-line computer shopping services like those available through AOL, Yahoo, Prodigy, and elsewhere in the internet are making it possible for individual consumers to get direct information from hundreds of companies they would not otherwise

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