The Importance Of Preventing Cyber Crime

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New technologies, particularly computer and telematics, have an important place in economic life, and the amount of transactions and exchanges conducted via the internet is dramatically increasing. Cybercrimes are crimes related to the computer or any similar device, to seize the information of the person, organization, or any company. Cybercrime is also called computer crimes, as they are called to increase the illegal target such as identity theft and fraud. Cybercrimes are criminal activities, where the wannacry virus is considered as famous cybercrime which had hit NHS. We can prevent Oman from such virus by taking different safety measures.
Cybercrimes are criminal activities, which takes place in a space that is globally accessible through the Internet. Cybercrimes are criminal activities, which
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Microsoft has worked to address this through issued a patch on March 14 to protect users from Eternal Blue. Where it provides many services to detect malware, and provide additional protection against malware, such as WannaCry virus. And because Due to the growing threat posed by the internet based crime, some states have initiated so called Centers of Competence, which become active whenever victims report cases of cybercrime. In addition, to this , there are some Security strategies to fight cybercrime such as Setting up a firewall ,restricting the rights of used user accounts, critical handling of personal data ,use of secure browsers, use of secure passwords; regular renewal and using data transmission only via encrypted connections, where can recognizable by "HTTPS" communication protocol and always updating the system. According to Graham (2017), people need to update their systems always with ASAP to avoid such attacks. Thus, if certain security measures are taken into account, Oman can drastically minimize the chance of becoming a victim of cybercrime. (UNODC, 2013), (Graham,

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