The Pros And Disadvantages Of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto

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In this world, everyone can see the anger and greediness existing in every person. Because of this greediness, people are not sharing their own blessings. Some of the people cannot eat three times a day and they don’t have their own shelter. They say that communism is the solution to this problem. Hoyt (2008) stated that, “Communism is the idea that everyone in a given society receives equal shares of the benefits derived from labor.” This means that the poor will rise to middle class while the upper class will go down to middle class. Also, as the government controlled everything, people will not have their own rights. Is this the real equality?
Karl Marx’ Communists Manifesto in 1848 served as inspiration in the formation of communism. This indicated Karl Marx’ main idea, “Free the lower class from poverty and give the poor a fighting chance.” This also detailed that as the government controls the labors, properties and the rights of the people, everything will be put in track.
Karl Marx’ communism is a dictatorship government that punishes the citizens because it
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One of the disadvantages is the lack of freedom to own. The government owns all properties of the citizens. They do not have the right to own businesses and the things that satisfies their wants.Second disadvantage is the lack of freedom to speech. The people cannot express their own thoughts and opinions. Third is the lack of freedom to choose. The citizens cannot choose their own religion, their own work, and their own place to live. They cannot also travel to the place where they wanted to go. These block the people’s freedom to live a life they wanted to. Because of these reasons, many countries that are under the communist government did not attain progress and equality (Antonio, 2007, par 3). Communism suppresses the rights of the people to live in a progressing nation and in a place that values the privileges of every

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