Essay On Surrogate War And Brinkmanship

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During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union used different strategies in order to become the most powerful nation in the world. The U.S. used foreign aid, surrogate war, and brinkmanship to spread the ideals of capitalism. On the other hand, USSR used foreign aid, multinational alliances, and propaganda to expand the influence of communism. However, that policy increased the tensions between two superpowers which led the world into a whole new chapter. The used of the method, foreign aid, surrogate war, and brinkmanship was the most successful policies that helped the United States became one of the most powerful countries. First of all, the foreign aid strongly helped the U.S. promoted stability and created new markets in Europe for the U.S. and make some of former USSR allies break away from USSR. After the World War II, Western Europe faced the economic problems. Therefore, in 1947, U.S started a program called Marshall Plan to help rebuild Europe. The U.S. would provide food, machinery and other materials for the countries, even Communist Yugoslavia received aid after it broke away from Soviet domination. This is important because it helped prevent the rise of Communist government and helped the U.S. gain more allies in Europe. Therefore, Marshall Plan was a spectacular success to U.S. Second, the surrogate war avoided…show more content…
The U.S. used foreign aid, surrogate war, and brinkmanship to achieve their goals of democracy. In another way, USSR chose foreign aid, multinational alliances and propaganda to accomplish their ambition of communism. However, in fact, people tended to think the U.S used the most powerful strategies during the Cold War because the people nowadays are still fighting for the freedom in the Middle East. Yet, the Cold War hasn’t really ended, it is still remaining between the superpowers, but this time with different

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