The Pros Of Hitler's Concentration Camps

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Hitler and the Nazi’s took many lives and also made those who were living wish they were dead. They treated those who were not German, specifically the Jews, as if they we worth nothing. At that time most of the world agreed. Most of the world knew about the concentration camps but did absolutely nothing to stop the torture. This proves that, there is no limit to how far a man will go in committing evil. Belsen was one of the main concentration camps but it was different because, it had two parts within the camp. The first camp houses men and women, in some cases the women were in worse condition than the men. “ The dead lie all over the camp and in piles”(British Medical Journal 1). It was said that there were signs of starvation everywhere…show more content…
“Sickness in this camp was much led and the death rate was about 10 a day” (British Medical Journal). Although the death rate was still 10 a day it was much lower than camp one’s death rate. This camp house males and not females. The buildings that the people in this part of Belsen lived in brick building and houses. This portion of the camp still had signs of starvation around every corner but, “An attempt [was] being made to bury the dead”(British Medical Journal). There was some running water in this portion but it was still a small amount for the large amount of prisoners in the camp. “Sanitation was incredibly inadequate, with few latrines and water faucets for the tens of thousands of prisoners” (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum). Because of the higher sanitation levels in the camp they had less disease which lead to a lower death rate. The diseases that were present in this camp were, enteric, tuberculosis ,and erysipelas, this list did not include typhus, that disease was only present in the first camp. The fact that no one did anything to help these innocent people shows that there is no limit to how far a man will go in committing
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