Prostitute As Scapegoat: A Feminist Analysis

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As she finds out strong steps taken by the female protagonist for defense, which Maugham willingly allow his female characters.
Braendlin examined the image of Mildred Roger as a prostitute, who is forced to intermingle with several men. Unlike other critics he illustrates the idea “The Prostitute as Scapegoat”, where prostitute women are forced to sacrifice their honor for the sake of “man’s development process” (9). She spotted as victim, “compelled to expiate the sins of others” (10). She willingly accepted her identity in a society where a woman was not allowed to spoke about her physical relationship with men, openly. Braendlin made an effort to invert the roles of women in the novel, at one place he is defending Mildred on the other hand
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She started with the oppression; women were facing at that time and concluded the subject that lack of education in women is the one major reason behind their subjugation. After her successful campaign of brining change in the department of education and marriage, many feminists looked at the components which are attributing to the oppression of women. Writer such as Simon de Beauvoir explored the fact about a woman body which was considered as an object from years and was dealt as property. She propagated the idea that the women are only sex object for men and have no place in man’s world. She raised the question on the subjectivity of man and illustrated the position of “women as other” (1). Helen Cixous became part of the journey, suspecting the men writers, she thought in the whole world only a few men can be trusted for creating women characters without any discrimination. She talked about “conventional man” (877) who are there to oppress woman not only to subordinate her for his service but to keep her unexpressive till the end of the world. She urges women to write, in order to express her body and demands. Judith Butler, with her opinion, contributed in the journey of gender studies, to talk about the rights of homosexuals and lesbians particularly. She thought there in no difference in sexual activity between straights and homosexuals, the sex is a society based concept. She wanted people not to be judgmental towards people who are different from them. The journey is so prolonged that it has covered almost every field such as sociology, economy, education, and career in favor of not only women but for all kind of
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