The Protest Of Reformation: The Protest Of Reformation And The Reformation

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DON 'T GIVE IN, RESIST! The protest of reformation was very strong going through the streets. The movement was a very big resistance. Reform is important because it is from the 16th century. it 's a movement, created the protestant and reformed churches, it 's from the roman catholics and it was against King Gustav. Reformation is from the 16th century. This is where it was first spoken of for the first time. Reformation is a 16th-century movement for the reform of abuses in the Roman Catholic Church ending in the establishment of the Reformed and Protestant Churches (Google). Reformation is also the action or process of reforming an institution or practice. Which is saying that in the 16th century they could have practice it. This is how reformation is from the 16th Century. Reformation was a movement. In this movement there was a lot of resistance. So that means that they were fighting for the right to be called christian. . After the lutheran became the preacher the most uprisings broke out. They were against King Gustavs regime. Another reason was that they catholic church wanted to keep the catholic faith. Back then scholars didn 't know alot about it so they said that it wasn 't much.King Gustav also used it for financial use. Reformation created the protestant and reformed churches. Doing the 16th century were a lot of riots. These riots were mostly roman catholics and other people who wanted their religion. In this time a the age they were going through
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