Protestant Reformation Essay

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As a preface, those who had stood by the side of the Roman Catholic Church had enough with this institution that sought nothing, but power. Church officials took the people’s pure desire for salvation and scammed them into buying it instead. Ignorance is regularly the cause of such manipulation. The Protestant Reformation was effective in promoting the progress of mankind when it came to faith. Although it proved to be troublesome, particularly because of the splitting of the church, it was beneficial for those in the future. Christian Humanists had the intention of reforming in a peaceful way. That was evident in their optimistic beliefs, and this was one of their popular opinions, I disagree very much with those who are unwilling that Holy …show more content…

As a background, Martin Luther had a compelling opposition against the church, and is called the father of Protestantism, fundamentally changing the Christian world through his force of will and new ideas. The way of life that he praised was to just read the scripture and to do away with relics. To interpret, was he meant is that, a personal reading of the Scriptures, and the faith of the individual, not the religious rituals, can effect a Christian’s salvation. He believed that the key to salvation had nothing to do with indulgences, which the public were brainwashed into thinking. If Martin would have not defied the church, different types of Christian nomination would have not …show more content…

To elaborate, for the Protestant Reformation to exist, institutional or technological features are needed to permit Reformation to spread more rapidly or limited the ability of the Church and its political allies to stop its spread. Priests had an important role in everyone’s life from marriage, confessions, to baptizing them. Since, the people always needed their help, it was hard to see them as the enemy. The Clergy were born into high society, and since they were the only ones who were literate, they kept the rest ignorant, to ensure that the money would keep coming into their pockets: but that easily changed with the printing press. The Gutenberg press, an innovative printing machine, spread the ideas of the Protestant Reformers. Luther was able to mass produce copies of his translated Bible. Soon when it was available to the public, it encouraged them to read. This would soon create a generation who were literate and knew how to challenge ideas, that they did not agree with. They were no longer kept ignorant, because now they had the tools to create their own opinions. This was a huge step forward in the advancement of human

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