Church During The Protestant Reformation Essay

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The Church The church during the protestant reformation, a religious movement that took place in Western Europe in the 16 century, was very powerful both spiritually and politically. Back in the 16 century, there was only one church in which had become by that time extremely involved with political life. The church was recognized as a establishment that has been unceasingly harassed by internal power struggles that on one point it was ruled by 3 popes at the same time. Consequently, the political struggles and the church’s increasing power and wealth contributed to the collapse of the church. The abuses where mostly involved with money since the church was a very wealthy organization. Still, it was a public facility and it was a easy target for the government to attack using their 'abuses' as a way to acquire lots of wealth. One of the main precursors of the Protestant Reformation was the translation of the first hand written English bible in 1380 AD by John Wycliffe. He was well known through Europe for been against the Church in which he believe it had a different doctrine in terms that it was supposed to be following the same propositions of the bible. Despite of his antagonism; for instance, the Catholic Church saw him as a loyal person since they did not witnessed the truth behind his…show more content…
His teachings of justification has been a question of whether or not to be trusted and if it was worth praising. As a result, he wrote the book of 'Disputation of Martin Luther and the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences”, becoming the principle catalyst for the upcoming Protestant Reformation. Eventually, his revolutionary ideas became known as the Ninety-Five Theses. It was said that he presented his Theses to the Church’s authorities as a way to stop the sell of indulgences. Thus, the church never answered, the Theses spread through Europe pushing Martin’s revolution one step farther than he
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