The Proverbs Of Administration Analysis

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The reading “The Proverbs of Administration” written by Herbert A. Simon analyzes the elements under the administrative theory. The author provides a diagnosis of the elements by presenting a different shift to the study that reveal that under different situations some elements are not clearly defined or established. The reading begins it discussion by analyzing the types of “accepted criteria” of administrative principles such as dividing the workers in four types of segments. Simon argued, “Administrative efficiency is increased by grouping the workers, for purposes of control, according to (a) purpose, (b) process, (c) clientele, or (d) place…” (p.103). In the same way, other accepted criteria for administrative efficiency are specialization,…show more content…
Additionally, unity of command should be clearly established so that the subordinates are able to locate the authority and be obedient by a single person. Simon argued, “Analysis of this “principle” requires a clear understanding of what is meant by the term “authority”” (p.104). In regards to the span of control, should better clarify why three, five and seven are appropriate numbers for limiting the number of subordinates. Simon made a point in which he describes that the development of these concepts were not clearly defined and have problems in the description to be scientifically useful. Simon argued, “Administrative description suffers currently from superficiality, oversimplification, lack of realism” (p.111). As a result, the author supported that the depiction of administrative theory should be…show more content…
Similarly the author advocates for a realistic centralization that considerate to reveal the complexity of the structure in its different levels. Additionally, the terminology must describe the relevancy of the theory if applied in different scenarios. The concepts should be operational which means that they should resemble to observable facts. It is important to mention that communication and loyalty are important factors that should be comprised ion the definition of administrative theory. This concepts influence the decision-making of the organization when coordinating the coordination of departments. Simon argued, “…it is necessary that the objectives of the administrative organization under study be defined in concrete terms so that results, expressed in terms of these objectives, can be accurately measured” (p.114). The elements under the theory should be able to be applied with logically and objectivity so that the agency should be able to used them on the daily operations and be subjected to

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