The Pseudo-Obstruction In Annabel's A Little Girl

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A little girl not even ten years old suffered from a genetic autosomal chronic gastrointestinal condition—pseudo-obstruction, a rare and fatal disorder that results in the recipient not being able to absorb the necessary nutrients to live a healthy life due to intestinal blocking. Belonging to a devout Christian family, Anna’s parents hoped that she would be healed by a miracle from God. When Anna remained unhealed and was living out her final days in constant pain, her mother, Christy Beam, was on the brink of losing faith. Not only is this little girl’s story an incredible journey, but her mother’s fight to find a solution for her daughter reminds the world that miracles indeed happen. When Annabel Beam was five years old, her parents became concerned when she threw up constantly. Upon taking their daughter to the hospital, they discovered that Annabel has two rare conditions: pseudo-obstruction motility disorder and antral hypomotility disorder. These intestinal conditions resulted in Annabel’s intestine muscles failing to contract, which ultimately caused the muscles to believe that there was a blockage in her intestines. For the first years of her diagnosis, Annabel and her family prayed and hoped for a miracle. However, Annabel’s conditions continued to worsen.…show more content…
One of the side effects of Annabel’s condition caused her to be in constant chronic pain. At one point in her journey, Annabel’s pain was so severe that she told her mother that she wished to die to go and live with Jesus. Regardless of Annabel’s faith that God was real, her family began to lose their faith that their loved one would be healed. Additionally, her family suffered financial issues due to the hospital bills that results from her treatment. The fight quickly became internal as well as external as Annabel battled with herself about whether or not she wanted to
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