The Psycho Movie Analysis

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The Psycho By Afred Hitchcock The movie begins in Phoenix, Arizona in the apartment of Marion Crane with her lover Sam Loomis on her lunch break finding out that they are having an affair, after returning to her job at the real estates office where her boss comes back with a wealthy client buying one of their estates where they are given $40,000 and agree to hold onto the money. Her boss trust her to bring the money to the safety deposit box. But she then steals the money for a better life and chooses to leave town, she then continues to drive until becoming restless and pulls over to sleep during this moment she's raises the suppression of a state police officer who follows her. While driving she sees a sign for the Bates Motel as she pulls in she soon meets Norman Bates, a young gentleman who is running the Bates Motel. Marion then has a long conversation with Norman after she goes to her room and decides that it would be the best for her to return the money, Norman removes a painting on the wall that shows there is a…show more content…
Finally, Till this day I think that Alfred Hitchcock is one of best directors there is based of his true skill in talent of being able to capture a story, I truly did enjoy watching this movie as not really seeing any of his movies before and being able to learn so much just over one film. This film really was amazing how it was able to pull you in and really take you for a ride, with the twist at the end of the movie was able to really bring it all together to make it one of the most know
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