The Psychodynamic Theories Of Early Child Development

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1. I JoyRose Mahl will use the first grade level for this discussion. 2. The psychodynamic theory is associated with, Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson. Theorists who support this theory state, early childhood experiences play a major part in later development of a child’s personality, even if it is buried in there unconscious. Psychodynamic Theorists also believe that children go through qualitatively distinct stages in their development. In my classroom, how I could apply this theory is by engaging the child on who they think they are, and how it will affect their future. Identity plays a major role in this theory, by engaging the child on who they think they are, I feel I will be able to assess their ability to learn. The humanistic theory…show more content…
There are two theorists associated with cognitive development; Piaget and Vygotsky. Piaget believes that things children learn and do are organized as schemes, groups of similar actions and thoughts are repeated in response to the environment. Vygotsky believes that thoughts and language are separate functions for infants and toddlers. This is important for me to know because when teaching my first graders using Piaget’s belief that children curiosity to adapt to their environment, will help me in setting up my classroom so as to provide the friendliest environmental atmosphere. Another useful belief of Piaget that I intend to use, is by exploring and manipulating physical objects, children gain a relationship with their physical environment. I agree with and will use Vygotsky belief that language is a way for children to exchange ideas with adults and their peers and that it is vital for cognitive development. Also Vygotsky theory that I found useful is that social activities provide the seeds from which complex cognitive processes can…show more content…
It is important for me to know that the students I will be teaching, will mostly be seven years old. At that age, they have basic sports skills, such as being able to swing a bat or hit a ball. This age can also swim, skip rope and play a musical instrument. It is helpful to know at this developmental age, they have limited adult like logic. Most first grade students work better in groups than on their own. When teaching the class I need to keep in mind the child’s reasoning ability will grow gradually. I will need understanding, patience and compassion. If the logical answer by the student is not what I expected, I will try in a positive way to explain why their answer might not be exactly
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