The Psychological Effects And Effects Of Child Abuse And Neglect

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Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect
Every child has a right to a safe childhood and a life free from violence. The experience of child abuse and neglect infringe upon that right should not be accepted in any civilised societies.
The effect of abuse endangers the life of a child in different ways. While the effects of abuse can be severe and long-lasting, children who have been abused or exposed to violence can move on into healthy and productive childhood and adult lives. Children are resilient, and we can have the ability to discuss and guide our children through a recovery process that is crucial to their success. It is often the first step towards healing. In most cases, once their safety is assured, children can overcome the effects of trauma through professional counselling or other supportive social involvements.
Developmental and psychological effects
The brain develops at an incredible pace during the early developmental stages of infancy and childhood. Studies about early childhood development indicate that the brain develops in response to experiences with caregivers, family and the community, and that its development is directly linked to the quality and quantity of those experiences.

Meeting a child’s needs during these early stages creates emotional stability and security that is needed for healthy brain development. Repeated exposure to stressful events can affect the brain’s stress response, making it more reactive and less adaptive. With time a child may

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