The Psychological Effects Of Pornography And Adolescents

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As pornography is so abundant in the modern society of over 26 million sites and more, detrimental psychology effects can’t be avoided. Dated back in 1895 with the invention of motion picture and the immergence of pornographic films, the sales of magazines dropped to 50 and continued to decline in 1980’s as pornography shifted from images to digital videos. Laws may require a person to be within the minimum age to access these pornographic materials but this doesn’t seem to hold true since internet pornography these days are quite abundant of over 1.3 billion images of materials that the user hasn’t seen before. Although pornography is addictive among male adolescent, the detrimental psychological effects are serious because the relationship between pornography and crime has linked to increased exposure to explicit materials.

Experts depicted that exposure to pornography typically occurs among high school years and usually facilitated by peers. They also note that males are considerably heavier consumers of pornographic materials than females. The actual data is illustrated by Bryant. These research was based on 600 telephones interview designed to aim information on the amounts of exposure various explicit media. The subjects were classified as 3 groups: 13-15 years old, 16-18 years old, and 19-39 years old. The findings indicated that by the age of 15 of the males and 8 of the females had looked on pornographic materials and by the age of 18 rose to over 100 of the males

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