Psychological Effects Of Pornography

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As pornography is so abundant in the modern society of over 26 million sites and more, detrimental psychology effects can’t be avoided. Dated back in 1895 with the invention of motion picture and the immergence of pornographic films, the sales of magazines dropped to 50 and continued to decline in 1980’s as pornography shifted from images to digital videos. Laws may require a person to be within the minimum age to access these pornographic materials but this doesn’t seem to hold true since internet pornography these days are quite abundant of over 1.3 billion images of materials that the user hasn’t seen before. Although pornography is addictive among male adolescent, the detrimental psychological effects are serious because the relationship…show more content…
This problem is explained by a neurotransmitter present in our brain called dopamine. This chemical in the human body is normally released during intercourse. However, just like any other drugs, we develop tolerance to dopamine released while watching pornography thus we needed higher amount of it. This explains us to why pornography users needed extreme films in order for them to be aroused (Doidge, 2004). The relationship between pornography and crime has led to a search linking between media exposure and deviant behavior. Sexually violent media affects a person’s way of thinking and will perceive rape as a normative act. Researchers including Albert Bandura described this as a pornography that portrays sexual aggression as pleasurable for the victim increases the acceptance of the use of coercion in sexual relationships. Even non-violent pornography is labeled as degrading or dehumanizing by researchers. Pornography plays a big impact in the society. According to the research conducted by Patrick F. Fagan, Ph.D. Men who watch pornography in often times may develop a higher tolerance for abnormal sexuality, including rape and sexual aggression. According to the Internet Pornography Statistics report by Jerry Ropelato Philippines was ranked No. 8 as the largest revenues from pornography in the year 2016. This research is just a proof that illegal websites like pornography has been influencing the minds of the teenagers and even of the adults. The spread of pornographic sites is a serious problem that our country is facing today. Even children has been influenced by the teenagers who watches pornography in fact, last October 29, 2012 authorities rescued 11 minors and most of them were boys. Statistics concluded that when boys frequently watch pornographic videos may result sexual harassments to the women (Rice Standard
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