Sigmund Freudian Theory In Horse Dealer's Daughter

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Mabel is like an alien creature amongst the company of her brothers and has been working for almost ten years in house hold chores like a robot or machine and does not care what is happening around her even her younger brother, Malcolm need some care and attention of her but she remains lost in her past memories where she spent time with her parents. There makes no difference whether she exists in the company of her brothers or not. Her brothers and new comer, Dr. Fergusson are engaged in conversation but she constantly sits nearby without any expression and interest. This tale reveals that the entire family is perturbed and no one is taking the responsibility of family matters, everyone seems selfish and self-centered due to the psychological reasons as their parents specially their mother died so early and then their father died leaving behind debts that’s why all male members are worried about their livelihood and there is no affinity and association to each other. This tale is about Lawrence’s experiments and testifying Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychosexual analysis, dream interpretation,…show more content…
“The Horse Dealer’s Daughter,” is the embodiment of Fried’s psychosexual theory of “Repression” that Mabel seems so depressed psychologically and looks boredom with meaningless life and finally she decides to attempt suicide. All characters of this tale are suffering psychosexually in a condition of repression; Dr. Fergusson, another outsider family friend of this house is also draw as a suppressed and sexually repressed character who is afraid of opposite sex but inwardly he loves and affinity with Mabel. He could not express his love before Mabel but does a silent love. He saves drowning Mabel from the pond as he was looking Mabel when she jumps into pond and she was saved by
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