The Psychopaths In The Zodiac Killer

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There have been many famous psychopaths throughout history who have gained popularity. A few common known serial killers, or psychopaths, are The Zodiac Killer, John Wayne Gacy, and Belle Gunness. The Zodiac Killer came into action during the 1960s when he began killing random people and taunting the LAPD by writing letters about his kills. He reasoned that hunting humans was much more exhilarating than hunting animals, and in one of his letters he referenced the book The Most Dangerous Game. He was never caught and never heard of after the the mid 1970s. John Wayne Gacy was a part-time clown at birthday parties which gave him the ability to get his victims. He had killed thirty-three young men, as well as tortured and raped them, during his…show more content…
The article reports that 15-20 million of the prisoners are psychopaths, mostly male. The FBI mentions that when a psychopath kills, it is planned and it has to have some kind of purpose to the psychopath. After the kill, instead of feeling regretful, the psychopath feels powerful and is satisfied. Due to their ability to manipulate, the psychopath will get someone to help with the kills, even if they don’t feel great afterwards, and will be able “avoid prosecution by manipulating the other individual into taking the blame for the crime.. the other person is thus used as a scapegoat” (Bonn, 2016). In an FBI Report, it is said that psychopaths are not a favorable criminal for the law enforcement because they are able to manipulate the interrogations and authorities. During an interrogation, a psychopath will breakdown and lie, saying that it was the victim’s fault. A jury is most likely to be manipulated to give a psychopath a shorter sentence because “psychopaths are very adept at imitating emotions such as remorse or guilt in the courtroom if they believe it will mitigate their punishment” (Bonn, 2016). On average, psychopaths have a 2.5 times chance of getting released than those offenders that are not considered psychopaths. Unlike males, females with psychopathy take up one percent of the

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