The Punic Wars: The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Republic

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The Roman Empire has been one of the greatest civilizations in history and it lasted approximately 500 years. It controlled all of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It all began in 753 B.C.E. when the city of Rome was founded by Romulus, the first King of Rome. At first, Rome was ruled by a few kings but eventually the Romans decided to govern their own city and a new way of government known as the Roman Republic was formed. One of the biggest problem that the Romans had was the Carthaginians because both empires were so powerful that they saw each other as a danger. Later on, a group of men formed The First and Second Triumvirates taking controlled over Rome which it all ended with the group of men defeating each other. The Romans…show more content…
Carthage was located in North Africa and was a very powerful empire. Both empires were growing and conquering more territory which that is the reason why the conflict between the two empires started. Since they couldn’t come to an agreement, the two empires went to war. There were three wars called The Punic Wars between the Rome and Carthage. The first Punic War started in 264 B.C. because of a disagreement on who should control the island of Sicily. Rome had an army and Carthage a navy so the Romans had to build a navy. The war ended when Rome defeated the Carthage and Rome took control over the two islands. The Second War began when the Carthaginian general named Hannibal invaded Italy but he was defeated once again and had to give up Spain and all the islands. The Third Punic War, it consisted on capturing and destroying the city of…show more content…
The solution of Pompey was to form The First Triumvirate, which it was a group of men that consisted of Julius Caesar, Pompey and Marcus Crassus. They were very powerful and had control over Rome. After the death of Crassus, Caesar and Pompey had a disagreement and they became enemies. Pompey was then defeated and killed in a battle. This left Caesar in control and he became the most powerful man in Rome but many people did not want him to declare himself emperor or to change the government, so he was killed. After Caesars death, The Second Triumvirate was formed and it consisted of Mark Anthony, Augustus and Lepidus. The second time didn’t work as well either, when the Augustus had to expel Lepidus from the group. Later on there was a civil wat between Augustus and Mark Anthony, Anthony allied with Cleopatra to defeat Augustus but Augustus ended up defeating them at the Battle of Actium. Augustus became the most powerful man after defeating Cleopatra and Mark

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