The Punishment In Frank Abagnale's Life

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The punishments that Frank Abagnale received made him think about what he did and regret for the decisions he took. He was arrested in Montpellier, France, and got a sentence of one year which he had to serve in Perpignan’s prison where he was stripped of all his belongings. His imprisonment in France was awful because he spent six months in total darkness, he wasn’t able to talk to someone; he was sleeping in the hard floor, and living in his own waste. Frank said that “[It] was not a term in prison, it was an ordeal designed to destroy the mind and the body” (Abagnale). These point of his live can be described as a rebirth. Although Frank Abagnale did not die, the punishment that he received in France was destroying his soul and mind. He…show more content…
He was very scared to spend his whole life behind bars, and far away from home because he realized that the consequences of his acts lead to a life without freedom. He regretted the get away from his family; he regretted to take advantage of every person he fooled. For good behavior, he was given one chance by the Swedish judge which gave him his American passport back and sent him to the United States where authorities were waiting for him. In the United States, Frank was given twelve years to serve in Federal Correction Institution in Petersburg, Virginia where he only served four years and then was release with a parole in Huston, Texas. Even that he was observed twenty for hours seven days a week, his outlaw life died on France. Perpignan’s prison killed and buried Frank Abagnale when he was imprisoned. Frank Abagnale was still alive but the outlaw was dead long before he arrived to the United States. During his whole life he acquired knowledge that no other person would have. This is important because that made possible his afterlife arise, and it makes possible his redemption sharing his knowledge in order to do something good for the
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