The Puritan Society: The Salem Witch Trials

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Many innocent people died in the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. If you were accused of being a witch or one with the devil, you would be sentenced to death or put in prison. The only one to blame for the deaths of the individuals is the Puritan Society. Without their absent minds, none of the deaths would have happened. The Puritan Society is very religious, therefore they believed strongly in going to church and most importantly in God. When someone in the town noticed someone practicing different religions or not going to church then they were accused of being a witch. Some may argue that the Puritan Society had first hand evidence of people being witches. For example, someone in the town would blame another person for witchcraft…show more content…
John committed adultery which is illegal and against the 10 commandments. John tells Abigail that it was a mistake and that he loves his wife. Abigail doesn’t feel the same way; she is madly in love with him and wants John 's wife Mary gone. Abigail tries to find a way to get rid of her. Abigail sees a perfect opportunity when Mary shows her a doll that she made in the courtroom. Abigail puts a needle in the leg of the doll which is all part of her plan to get rid of Mary. Later that night, Abigail is sitting eating dinner in Reverend Parris’s house. Out of nowhere Abigail drops to the floor and screams at the top of her lungs. Startled by this incident, Paris runs over and tries to figure out what happened. He notices a needle in her belly. He contacts the authority and they start a new investigation. Later that night they find a doll in the Proctor 's house with a needle in its leg. Instantly, the Puritan Society blames Mary Warren for witchcraft. How else would the needle have got there and also in Abigail’s leg? Mary Warren must have put the needle in the voodoo doll to hurt
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