The Purnell Model For Cultural Competence

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Yuuyaraq: The Way of Human Being (1994) describes the social issue of alcoholism as crippling a whole society. Napoleon hopes to shed light on the cultural breakdown that contributed to this phenomenon. Describing his personal battle with alcoholism, along with how it has changed the course of his life. Through Napoleon’s account of the Yup-ik history, we will compare the difference in science, religion and apply The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence to understand the cultural significance of this event. Western Science Western science follows a distinct set of rules and reasoning, problem-solving using mathematical equations and hypothesis. Moreover, specific data is studied, tested and logically expressed in theories and…show more content…
Facilitate visitation from elders or Angalkuq as part of care when possible. Be aware of any therapeutic interventions they may try to administer for treatment of illness along with herbal remedies be respectful of any praying or chanting. (Napoleon, 1996, pp 4-9). Health Care Practice and Health Care Practitioner Essentially these domains may prove to impact patient care the most. Greater understanding of health care practices and health care practitioners can bridge communication between the two worlds. Being respectful and education centered around the cultural needs is essential to patient's wellness and nursing care. Identification of patients perception of pain and illness is crucial in developing an understanding of cultural relationship between spiritual and medicinal care (Purnell, 2002). High-Risk Behaviors Although we may see some activities as high risk behaviors in the yup’ik culture maybe a daily occurence. Therefore addressing high-risk behavior in a nonjudgmental way and express the importance of abstaining from these activities during treatment if related to the possible interactions with medications for example drinking or hunting (Napoleon, 1996, pp…show more content…
One may focus on particular domains to establish pertinent nursing care related to desired outcome nevertheless, Heritage, Communication, Family Roles and Organization, Biocultural Ecology, Nutrition, Death Rituals, Spirituality, Health Care Practice, Health Care Practitioner and High-Risk Behaviors can assist during an acute care

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