The Creation Of Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World

What was the purpose for the creation of Walt Disney World? The purpose was to have a place where kids and adults were able to enjoy themselves. A place that was clean and had plenty of things to do. A place that people could call home. And that 's just what Walt Disney did. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois (Burgly). Walts creativity started with drawing pictures and selling them to family members and neighbors. But that soon ended when the Disney 's moved to Kansas, there Walt then found a love for trains. Walts love for trains continued. As he took a job offer from his uncle to work the summers down at the railroads selling snacks and newspapers to travelers(Burgly).
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Hollywood Studious which opened on May 1, 1989. And lastly Disneys Animal Kingdom which opened on April 22, 1998. Disneys Polynesian and contemporary Resourts opened on October 1, 1971 along with the Magic Kingdom (facts). One of the main reasons Walt Disney World is such a hit are there rides, and some of theses rides have been there since the beginning. Five of the oldest rides at Disney that are still here today are Jungle Cruise, Liberty Square Riverboat, Pirates of the Caribbean, It 's a Small World, and Carousel of Progress (Walt).
Jungle Cruise opened when Disneys Magic Kingdom did on October 1, 1971. The ride was modeled after Disneyland 's River Boat Cruise. Jungle Cruise simulates a riverboat cruise does several major rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America. It 's is said the Jungle Cruise helped Disney create the concept of plussing or continuous improvement, after hearing a guest tell their child “since we were on this ride last time we don 't need to ride it
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It opened on march 18, 1967 at Disneyland three months after his death. The ride was supposed to be a walk through wax museum(Walt), but due to the success of Its a Small World they made it a boat ride. Which opened in Disneys Magic Kingdom in 1973(Walt). Many rides and hotels at Walt Disney World were loved, but many hotels and rides just didn 't make the cut. Some of the rides and hotels were Western River Expedition, German River Ride, The Muppet Movie Ride, Beastly Kingdom, Fire Mountain, and Israel,Africa,Spain and the Soviet Union at Epcot.
Walt Disney World has never had any major accidents accept for one. Two year old lane graves was wading in the water but the shoreline out side Disneys Grand Flouridian Resourt when an alligator jumped out of the water and drowned the two year old boy. Every other accident has been heart attacks and strokes non of which Disney caused(sit).
What was the purpose of the creation of Walt Disney World. The purpose was to have a place where adults and children could both enjoy themselves. A place that was clean and had plenty of things to do. A place people could call home.

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