The Purpose Of Discourse Analysis

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Rationale and Purpose of the Study From past to present, Thailand has a land border with Myanmar. Their relationship were enemies since four hundred years ago. The two countries invaded another city to show the power and create dependency. Both Thai and Myanmar used to be a colony from each other. In the past, if they are the winner, they can bring people called prisoner of war and asset back to their country. The loser would find the opportunity to take their country back. Moreover, they destroyed the city of their enemy to suppress and unable to rebel their power. Nowadays, their relationship is not the enemies anymore because the wartime and the colonialism were ended. Many issues such as human trafficking, amphetamine problem, and the…show more content…
To explain the target of CDA is to denaturalize hidden ideological power in media discourse by studying linguistic strategies used to produce the ideology, how discursive practice construct the sociocultural structure and how sociocultural structure compose discursive practice. Discourse sets up social condition as long as it is created by people in the society. To analyze discourse, it must contain three dimensions, which are the analysis of text or language, discourse practice, and sociocultural practice. These dimensions help to understand the language used among the group of people in what they understand and why they use and create. Text can be both written language and spoken language such as poem and conversation. The description of language or the text is to convey the idea, to create relation and identity between people and to explain the idea of the language. To study the text is to survey what is in the text and how text is coherent. The social practice represents the understanding about the role of ideology in term of the relation between language and society in each culture. It creates discourse practice which contains the text production’s process. To study discourse practice is the way to understand why discourse is produced and how discourse construct the social practice (Fairclough,…show more content…
The first research is to analyze the narrative songs by Jarun Manopetch who is famous in Lanna song. The research employs theoretical framework, plot, grammatical profile and paragraph unit by Robert E. Longacre to help to study notional and surface feature and paragraph structure. Moreover, to help to manipulate lyrics using cohesive devices to connect the story together is employed by Halliday and Hasan. The result of the study shows that there are both Thai standard and Lanna language in Jarun Manopetch’s song. These songs consist of a plot but there is no clear ending in the song. The particular verb, adverb marker make the lyrics in next lines related to the previous one. Furthermore, Jarun’s songs reflect the Lanna society. Most of the words are used with northern Thai language and the meaning of itself including with social role, Social practice, value, and moral

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