Does Globalization Make The World Better Essay

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In the 21st century, we are living in a globalized world. We eat different countries’ food; we enjoy different countries’ holiday; and we meet different countries’ friend. We could do all those things around the world. Globalization makes our life more interesting, also makes our world better. The purpose of economic globalization is making country richer, and improving people’s standards of living. Nowadays, economic globalization has become one of the controversial topics in the world. Someone support economic globalization, and there are also a lot of people who refuse to accept globalization. But the truth is almost every country in this world have involved in economic globalization. In my opinion, whatever they are developed countries or developing countries, economic globalization can help them develop their economy, and making their country better and better. Furthermore, the corporations also played a very important role on globalization. Those corporations just like helpers…show more content…
But that is why we need to learn how to manage globalization, and make it better and better. The author Stiglitz indicates in Chapter 1 “There is an understanding that many of the problems with globalization are of our own making --- are a result of the way globalization has been managed.” The way that we used to manage globalization bring negative influences, like environment pollution. In the film, it shows that there are some companies do not care environment, all they want is making everything privatization and maximize their own profits. On the contrary, There is a CEO who called Ray Anderson, he found the way of running his company is plundering something that is not belong to him. At last he corrected, and stat taking care of the environment. So we also can try to do what Ray Anderson did, to find the right way to manage globalization and fix the
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