The Purpose Of Government Provide A Public Service

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The way the Roman government provided public services was amazingly innovative and progressive. Engineers that worked for the government were extremely intelligent. The engineers and builders made a water system called aqueducts. These aqueducts carried water from (kind of) nearby rivers and mountain streams with underground pipes and pathways on bridges that allowed for the water to be brought to big reservoirs. After making it to the reservoirs, the water would distribute out to local public baths, drinking fountains and private villas using smaller tubes. This Revolutionary invention is an excellent example of how well the government provided a public service. The water was available to every citizen in the city and almost anyone could use the public bath that the country provided, with little to no fee. Another incredible example of the government providing a public service is the amazing roads that were built throughout the city. These Well built roads were smooth and had a drain system so that the roads would not get wet. Some of the roads that were built by the Romans in the ancient civilization are still in the city today, although they might not be in working order it is very impressive that they still exist. Therefore, these positively Exquisite examples of how well the Roman government was able to provide Public Services, just shows you how much effort and attention to detail the Romans were willing to put

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