The Purpose Of Human Life In Our Society

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”The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and will to help others.” – Albert Schweitzer
Ever since the beginning of our lives, we have been bombarded with duties. Duties towards the world, towards our society, environment, down to the chores we do daily. Every new encounter brings new accountabilities for us. We often complain about how we don’t have enough time or are underqualified for tasks set for us, but do we really know how much importance we have in this world? We are all intertwined within this vast network that we call society. We are respected based on the kind of education we achieve and the way we portray our knowledge is based on the degree of education we achieve. We are often enclosed in the responsibilities that we have to our family, to our loved ones, to our country at an extent as well. But there is one responsibility that only the noblest of us are meant to have, that is, to help human kind.
Often, the “Dr.” before a name promotes a man from ordinary to extraordinary. Just the two-lettered salutation gives a man an upliftment in society. In my youth, I often pondered about how a doctor, a man who is paid by the hour to operate and sometimes even spends most of his time reading books and talking to patients, can be paid in lakhs for the services he does. Of course, as I studied further, I started understanding the predicaments that people have gone through to achieve that standard of living.
While progressing through elementary
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