The Purpose Of Life In Anne Sexton's Wanting To Die

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Maybe life is just a period of time that we exist in this world. Even though we have to enjoy it purposely, not just living as the robots wait until the day we run out of energy. Some of us find ourselves strong, some of us think that ourselves as weak as we used to be but in fact none of us is weak, nor strong. The difference between us that is having our own different purpose in life. Some of us might have an easy purpose to achieve, some of us might have a tough one to accomplish it. However, there are also some of us might do not have any purposes in life such as Anne Sexton. A beautiful young lady who lost her life’s purpose and adrift her life to the end. “Wanting To Die”, the poem published by Anne Sexton has let us see a purposeless life when it comes to desperation. Anne Sexton comes up with the idea of suicide, she has done the numerous suicide attempts. But when the unnameable lust returns, it has brought her to the eternity. It seems like that the time has its own wings, it keeps flowing up to the sky, which makes her “cannot remember” (1) how a pretty chipping sparrow is cheeping on the branch of the oak, or even what she had done in the past seven days. “I walk in my clothing” (2) even when she wears clothes, she still feels like she is naked in her soul. Walking inanimately knows that life has nothing for her and when the soul has guided by the boredom, it comes to the voyage, the voyage of seeking to death. It comes to her as the “lust” (3) which keeps
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