The Purpose Of Need Theory In Virginia Henderson's Nursing Theory

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Theory Description The nursing theory chosen is that of need theory by Virginia Henderson. Henderson has contributed a lot in nursing throughout her journey as a nurse. She intended to define the unique focus of nursing practice, but at the end, it ends up being one the nursing theories that are being used in every clinical setting. Her contribution has helped shaped the way nurses care for their patients and the components she developed help serves as guidelines which nurses used to care for patients. The Purpose of The Theory The purpose of Henderson’s theory is to give the principles that help construct practice and to generate further nursing knowledge. Considering doing so, it helps nurses to understand their purpose and role in nursing in the healthcare setting. Henderson believes that the unique function of the nurse is to help the person sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (to a peaceful death) that he would do unaided if he had the strength, will or knowledge. In doing so will help him gain independence as quickly as possible (Burggraf, 2012). The Scope or Level of theory The scope or level of theory used by Henderson was a grand theory. Her theory encompasses all aspects of human needs and addresses it all. Henderson theory can be applied to many types of nursing. It focuses on a specialized area of organ donation for transplantation, even though organ donation coordinators may have a background as a
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