The Purpose Of Olympic Games In Ancient Greek Olympics

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Ancient Greece Olympics
By Veikka Roivainen

Olympic games were important all around Greece, because the purpose of Olympic games was to worship Zeus and for entertainment.

Olympic games
The Olympics were very important event.

The Olympic games began in Ancient Greece from 776 BC and lasted to 393 AD. It is believed that they may have begun for hundreds of years before.

The games was every fourth year at Olympia, in southwest Greece.

The games took five days, when there was peace. Sacred truce announced before the Olympics and all wars stopped. It ensure that athletes and spectators could join safely in the Olympic Games.

Before the game, messengers announced the Olympics throughout Greece. People all over Greece game to watch and take part of the game.

The purpose of Olympic games were worship Zeus and provide entertainment.

Beside religion, men 's virility and fitness were measured. Also spiritual forces were important and there were presented poetry and philosophized.

The Olympic Games were religious a festival to honor Zeus.

In Ancient Greece all people worshipped Zeus, which was the king of the gods. That is why city-states declared peace during the Olympics and all Greek people could participate in the games. Athletes brought gifts to Zeus and prayed for victory, because they wanted from Zeus successes for themselves.

People honored Zeus in his temple. There was a huge statue of Zeus, which was made of gold and ivory.

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