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Online Gambling Hondo (2012) stated that” can be defined as risking money or anything of material value for unsure result. The initial purpose is to win additional money or material goods. Online gambling, commonly known as internet gambling is common betting on casino or sports type games over internet”. Entry into Philippines online gambling the beginning of online in the Philippines was establishment of Phil web Corporation. In Philippines online gambling are free gamble through online using internet. In Philippines online gambling are free to gamble through online using internet. Burns (2015) stated that “online gambling in the Philippines is the most accessible Asian country, because Philippines is highly accommodating toward foreign activities to increase economic growth for our country”. The most gambling activities in Philippines way of life are bingo and lottery. Throughout years the combine of cyberspace and gambling, the Philippines has officially joined the bandwagon of online gambling. The Purpose of following rules and licensing…show more content…
The reality of online gambling has positives and negatives effects. Online gambling negatives effects cam become an addiction in an individual’s life, gambling behavior becomes a problem than can develop into a destructive addiction in their life. Like other addictions such as alcohol or drug abuse, problem or compulsive gambling involves the physiological effects of tolerance and withdrawal. Sears (2016) stated that “like many addiction, gambling is destructive to the individual’s life, as well as those closest to him or her. The individual engaged in an addiction is often adept at finding ways to keep their behavior secret. This is often easier for the compulsive gambler than for the individual addicted to drugs or alcohol”. Problem on online gambling it appear addictive

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