The Pursuit Of Comparative Literature: The Pursuit Of Comparative Literature

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Pursuit of comparative literature enhances one to appreciate literature existing in multiple stages of writing like plot, characters, timing, theme, style, narration etc.. at academic front comparative literature upholds the working knowledge of literature in translations and criticism, besides it boost one to better understand global customs and culture (i.e. existing and developing). Litterature Comparée, the French term for 'Comparative Literature, ' emerged in France in the beginning of the nineteenth century and has been an ambiguous one till Arnold’s touchstone method introduced, very initially touchstone method guided much research and literature aspirants to focus on developments and variations on penning ideas. The outcome of many more literary works lead to translations that helped to good learning’s and exchanging work. For schooling aspirants Bhagavata, Padmini, Jasmine, Saleem Sinai, characters brought by translation helped to shape their character and gave a chance to prejudice. comparative literary in context of India has got to do much in pursuit, being we are multilingual and multicultural, if we focus on the master work produced in one language like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi etc. would serve the other, by translations into English, we can able color the Indianised flavor of writing to the rest of the world, a task only if the translations increase in their number, as English works limited to western that is English to English literature,
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