The Pursuit Of Happyness Character Analysis

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“You want something? Go get it. Period.” (Black et al., 2006). These are the words Chris Gardner spoke to his son in The Pursuit of Happyness. These were not words Gardner just said, but lived out through his actions while facing great adversity. Chris Gardner had to live by these words because he and his family are considered a part of the marginal poor, barely making it by. In this film, Gardner is bombarded with unfortunate events that would push most people to give up. The Pursuit of Happyness shows how a man can try his hardest, hit rock bottom and use his own tenacity to change his misfortunate situation. There were many factors that contributed to Chris Gardner and his son becoming homeless. To begin, the Chris Gardner and his wife Linda unknowingly made a poor investment in a machine known as a portable bone density scanner. The two believed that pouring all of their savings into this machine would eventually benefit them monetarily later on. However, Chris was not having much luck selling many bone density scanners. In addition, Linda was working a waitressing job that was not bringing in enough money either. The two were struggle to pay rent alone when more financial difficulty came alone. Tax season approached and the couple was behind on their rent. In spite of Linda’s opposition, Chris requested an extension on paying their taxes. Chris was desperate for a change and looked to the company Dean Witter to become a broker. A particular visit to Dean Witter’s
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