The Pursuit Of Happyness Movie Theme

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THE PURUIT OF HAPPYNESS I.INTRODUCTION In 2006 film was made in San Francisco, California titled happyness. The story focusing on the life of the man he is a sales man who becomes rich stockbroker before he achieve being stockbroker he also experienced all the struggles in life with his one child. There was a family living in a small apartment Chris Gardner is the salesman, hard worker, have a big dream to his family, and also he is dreaming a permanently job. Linda is the wife of Chris Gardner who works in Laundry they have a five year old children named Christopher. The film is worth screening because we Filipino most of all are losing hope to achieve our dreams however as long as you live there is a long way to achieve dreams. II.PLOT SYNOPSIS The film tells about Christ Gardner’s life in San Francisco, California. The man lives in the small apartment together with him wife and son. He is selling a portable Bone Density Scanner the price is too expensive just like a one month of grocery. The scanner is producing a picture better than X-ray he is selling to the doctors and medical center. His wife is working in laundry named Linda. Their children is named Christopher he is only five years old. The story begin when Linda together with her son left her husband because she…show more content…
It is a great thing to watch the movie because the movie is a complete package. I learned a lot, not just for achieving, fighting for my dreams, patience, acceptance, hardworking and etc. It also teach what is love or a relationships with your family. For me the most powerful part of the story is in the beginning Linda together with her son left her husband it is difficult raising the son with your own especially with a man because we all know raising a child mostly mother is have enough knowledge about that. After watching the film I think about my future in life that never think of losing

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