The Pursuit Of Sexuality In Kama Kara's 'Kama Sutra'

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The Pursuit of Sexuality
Thereafter she may reciprocate all the actions her lover had earlier exhibited. Breathing hard and laughing, she presses hard on his chest with her breasts as she tries again and again to join her mouth to his, bending her head and scattering the flowers in her hair. ‘You got me down!’ she says with a laugh as she threatens and beats him, ‘I do the same to you in return!’ Then she may show signs of embarrassment, fatigue and a wish to stop, having proceeded exactly as does a man. [Kama Sutra Pg 60]
In this section of the Kama Sutra which focuses on Reversing Roles, Vatsyayana addresses the reader in a tone that seems factual and he very cleverly detaches himself from taking responsibility for the ideas portrayed by giving it a sense of a guiding text that is stating facts. Looking at the word play closely we come across interesting ideas of sexuality being depicted throughout the text. The word may is used in the first line of the text itself which from the beginning creates a layer between what Vatsyayana “thinks” and what he has rationally written. It is again used in line 7, where the word may along with the phrase show signs of creates a very pragmatic view of the text for the reader, as if, being given an instruction manual to read, what’s interesting is when we read further into the lines and see what succeeds after the phrase signs of , there is a depiction of the woman not having enough strength to go on as like a man does which leads to

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