The Pyramidal Structure Of The Sicilian Mafia And The Mafia

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The Camorra originated in Naples, Italy in the 1800s as a prison gang. The word “Camorra” translates to “gang”. Members were comprised of released prisoners that formed clans in cities upon release and continued to grow in power. It is the largest organized Italian crime group with more than 111 clans and approximately 7,000 members in Naples and the surrounding areas. Unlike the pyramidal structure of the Sicilian Mafia with a centralized organization, the Camorra is organized horizontally with each Camorra clan acting independently. The Camorra made its fortune in the reconstruction of the Campania region following the 1980 earthquake. Presently, the group controls cigarette smuggling and profits from payoffs received from other criminal…show more content…
Other criminal groups utilizing the southeast coast of Italy to smuggle goods to and from eastern European countries provide payoffs to the organization for docking rights. 3. Middle Eastern Groups Criminal organizations from the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) countries include Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. They are connected by tribal or familial lines with crime centered around financial fraud or organized theft. Small storefronts typically serve as the basis for the criminal operations. Ethnic lines are often crossed to cooperate in mutually profitable criminal activities. The operations can be highly sophisticated and depend on an extensive international network of criminal partnerships. Middle Eastern transnational criminal organizations are associated with various forms of fraud including financial, document, health care, and identity fraud. Additional illegal activity involves money laundering, auto theft, smuggling of stolen property, narcotics trafficking, cigarette smuggling, trademark counterfeiting, and the cargo theft of infacnt formula for…show more content…
The groups are known to cooperate with other groups, crossing racial and ethinc lines and combining resouorces when necessary to conduct complex schemes. Using businesses such as small storefronts to corporate level companies allow some enterprises to commercialize criminal activities. Asian criminal enterprises are involved in organized cimes common to organized crime groups such as - illegal gambling, prostitution, loan sharking, extortion, murder, and kidnapping. Other activities on an international level include money laundering, alien smuggling, drug trafficking (mainly heroin and methamphetamine), financial fraud, auto theft, counterfeiting, and piracy of intellectual property. Also notable is the expansion into white collar crimes by intermixing legitimate business ventures with illegal acitivites. 5. Eurasian

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