The Qualitative Research Method

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This study used a qualitative approach based on the Qualitative Research method. The main objective of qualitative research is to examine the individual’s whole experience, not simply looking at specific parts. It is commonly used to understand people's experience and to express their perspectives. In this method of research the researcher generates or constructs knowledge, hypotheses, and grounded theory from data collecting during field work' (Johnson & Christensen, 2012). It studies groups and individuals in natural setting; attempt to understand insiders' views, meaning and perspectives. 'Qualitative researchers often view human behaviour as being fluid, dynamic, and changing over time and place, and they usually are not interested in…show more content…
If you are doing qualitative research, you must plan to be in the environment for enough time to collect good data and understand the nuance of what is occurring. The most common sources of data collection in qualitative research are interviews, observations, and focus group. For the present study, the investigator decided to adopt the observation and in-depth unstructured interview method for data collection, because these methods were suitable for the present study. It was very difficult to collect the data from the target group by direct method of questioning. These methods were adopted in order to collect the minute information about third gender.The researcher read the autobiographies of Revathi and Laxmi, and found that there are only two appropriate methods, observation and interview, of data…show more content…
Interview is often question-based, with the question being asked by the interviewer and responses must be as explicit and stated clearly and in detail. There are various types of interview but in this study the researcher used Informal Conversational or in-depth unstructured interview. In this type of interview the questions emerge from the immediate context and are asked in the natural setting of behaviour. The questions were modified and changed according to the participants responses. It provides depth knowledge to the investigator to talk about the subject in terms of their own way. This allows the meanings and interpretations that individuals attribute to events and relationships to be understood. It thereby provides a greater understanding of the subject’s point of view (Johnson & Christensen, 2012). This type of interview technique has been followed in this research because they can talk freely and in their own terms. Interview is the very important tool in collecting data, because through interview we can see the facial expressions and way of talking. The researcher faced various problems at the time of interview. It was very hard to convince them to give interview. The researcher tried various times to convince them and at the last the investigator succeed in convincing the hierarchy of third

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