The Qualities Of Lady Macbeth In Homer's Iliad

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In the history of man, masculine traits and qualities have been directed towards good leaders. Such qualities as, lust, power, and callousness. In Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad the above-mentioned qualities are demonstrated. Leader and king of the Greek coalition, Agamemnon is ruthless and takes what he wants with no remorse. Agamemnon is considered to be strong and an honorable man. He sticks true to his beliefs and does not sway from them. Agamemnon wanted power. As a result, he united the many individual Greek states into one powerful force and directed it towards his neighboring rival: the city of Troy. Agamemnon then seized Troy and murdered all that stood in his way with no remorse (including King Priam). Agamemnon is the definition of a “man”. These qualities are also demonstrated in William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Macbeth. Set in 11th century Scotland, Thane Macbeth rules in the Scottish Highlands. Macbeth is viewed as honorable and…show more content…
However, this is not true. Lady Macbeth did not influence Macbeth into the thought of murdering his king. It was Macbeth’s own free will. Macbeth is the sole reason that all of this turmoil has happened, not Lady Macbeth. Yes, Lady Macbeth is conniving, but she did not play a significant role in the actual murder of the king. Lady Macbeth backs out of killing King Duncan because he looks like her father. This shows how weak minded Lady Macbeth is. She is not a “man”, but instead a coward. Macbeth has to proceed with the murder himself. As the readers can see, this is not the Lady Macbeth we see in the beginning of the play. She is not as bold as she was previously. He has enough bravery to actually commit the murder of King Duncan. He kills the two innocent guards. The acts have caused Macbeth to grow stronger while Lady Macbeth’s strength has regressed. As a result, Macbeth had committed all the acts to become a

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