The Qualities Of Life In Homer's The Odyssey

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Through time and literature we have seen an array of stories, poems, triumphs, falls, and even life and death, however, what is rare is to find a work with all of these qualities, One such book is The Odyssey by Homer. Within this tweleve-thousand line set of stories lies a fib by the title of "The Cyclops". This short tale leads us along the drastic venture of protagonist, Odysseus and his shipmates as they scout the land of cyclopes for resources and indefinitely, trouble. Along this rollercoaster of terror, three main aspects of the narrative create a much better reading experience as we too, tag behind and feel the setting, characters, and language come to life. To set off, one of the first ideas explained by our author is how beautiful this land that Odysseus has landed himself on is. He tells of unkempt vegitation growing wildly amongst the pine and oak, draping itself over rocks. In the text, it also discloses that "...many rams and goats about the place inside a sheepfold.", meaning that among the greenery, there is also livestock dweeling on the island. The land is beautiful; a work of art. However, as with most things, with beauty comes fault. Danger loams amid the brush.…show more content…
In this particular section, the two most frequent figures are, of course, Odysseus, and Polyphemus; a cyclops. Unfortunately, the meeting of this creature is not very pretty. After scouting the land for everything they needed, all shipmates were ready to leave, when Odysseus objected, "I wished to see the cave man,". By saying this, he lead many shipmen to their demise, making Odysseus arrogant and careless, disregarding the lives of others for his own personal gain. Amidst the chaos that insued, Polyphemus is fooled by our hero through a tedious scheme. Through which, Odysseus also showcases his

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