Reasons To Rethink Zoos

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Imagine this, you 're locked in a little glass box, as you are trying to find a way out, there isn 't one. You start to panic, then you hear a tapping sound on the glass, as you look to see what it is, it is a sea of people staring, taking pictures, tapping on the glass. Everything I just ask you to imagine is something that animals in zoos go through every day, waking up every day knowing that pictures and being confined to a small box is what they have to look forward to. I understand wanting to see wildlife that might inexcusable if it wasn 't for zoos but put yourself in the animals shoes, that 's not a life you would want for yourself, if you can 't imagine it for yourself, think about your dog, or cat, that 's not a life that a life that…show more content…
The first was “ animals deserve the same quality of life quality of life that humans have”I can 't imagine being trapped in a fake habitat in the same article they made an astonishing claim “ studies have found that stress in zoo animals is caused by either a lack of variety in their diet, lack of place for animals to hide, or relationship problems with their caretakers.” its not just an opinion at this point, there are facts backing my opinons up, no animal or human should be striped of their natual Right, with animals that happened to be living in their natural habitat. space space space space if you really think hard about humans keeping animals locked up this is all 4 of our entertainment this is so many there so ways that we could view animals, letting animals room in a bigger more natural place wouldn 't be a problem a study by National Geographic claims that zoos have been around since before 2 500 BC, and the first zoo in the United States open in 1874, Americans have been keeping animals captive for nearly 150 years I can definitely understand zoos opening in 1874 compared half the things happening back then to nowadays, we would never even think of doing how the things that they did as pretty much everything has evolved since 1874 I think so should the zoo the idea of zoos space space space. an article titled zoos not enemy to animals they claim there is a growing list of species that survive in the wild today because of significant efforts and contributions of zoos and aquariums in the article in the article they talked about how they are many institutions that are taking real action to save species through field studies, breeding and releasing programs, rescue programs, and public engagement. I definitely understand when people are coming where people are coming from when they say that zoos are saving lives, but is proven the

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