The Quality Of Work Life Essay

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Employees are the main power that is behind every successful organization. The quality of work life considers workers as an asset to the organization rather than as costs. It believes that people work better when they are allowed to participate in managing their task and make decisions. It can be said that a happy and healthy worker will give better turnover, make right decisions and contributes positively to the organizational aims. A quality staff in an higher educational institution would help to bring quality students, quality researcher and satisfactory environment in the organization. The quality of work life can be defined more clearly as the quality of relationship between the workers and the work environment which is such that…show more content…
Those who are happy with their job, are said to have a high quality of working life, while those who are not happy or whose needs not fulfilled are said to possess a lower quality of work life. Or the satisfaction level and happiness of an organization's workers with their job. The term the quality of work life is like a sky under which workers or employees feels utterly propitiate with organizational environment and extends their full co operation, support and put their inner strength at the top for the development of their organization and to improve the productivity. Rose et al., (2006) opines that the quality of work life is a philosophy or a set of principles, which holds that people are faithful, responsible and capable of making a valuable contribution to the concerned organization. It is stated that ‘Treating people with respect’ is the cornerstone of this philosophy. Overall the Quality of Work Life includes Major factors such as human relations, work-life balance, stability of tenure, pro activity, growth opportunities, employee satisfaction, value orientation, innovative practices, learning orientation. The Quality of work life is a broader concept that helps in maintaining a balance in personal and professional life of an individual. Therefore; it can be hampered if someone is dissatisfied with his work life or family life. However; positive quality of work life experience is most important to live a satisfied

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