The Queen Movie Analysis

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The 2006 British film “The Queen” depicts events that unfolded after the death of Princess Diana in 1997. In the film, the British Royal Family did not react the way the public expected them to. Due to their lack of grief that was publicly shown towards Princess Diana’s death, it resulted in their actions being heavily criticised by British media and the public. Newly elected Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had to step in to help the Royal Family deal with their bad relations to the public, with the help of Diana’s ex-husband, Prince Charles.

From the in-depth movie analysis, this essay will be able to show that the media is able to influence the people and their stance towards certain topics by applying these media theories: agenda setting through gatekeeping, dramatization, and two-step flow of communication.

The first theory, agenda setting through gatekeeping, is evident in the film. Agenda setting “looks on story selection as a determinant of public perceptions of issue importance” (McCombs, Shaw and Weaver, 7). The term gatekeeping is similarly used to “describe the way the media make decisions about what stories to discard or run and when and how much attention to give a story” (Laidlaw, 41). In the movie, the British media highlighted the death of Princess Diana and how the Royal Family was not showing enough grief. The British media prioritized this story, which can be seen from how the announcement of Princess Diana’s death appeared on numerous media outlets.
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