The Ray Of The Road By James Joyce Analysis

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“No, No, No! This cannot be! What did I do to deserve this pain from a Man who says he loves me” the cries of Joyce could be heard down the hall. She had locked herself and refused to listen to the entreaties of anyone. “The sacrifices I have made to keep the marriage are so worthless. I never bargained for this.” The tears that filled her eyes came streaming down her cheek.

She peered through the window and saw the light blue sky. The ray of the Sun was breaking through the Sky. This created a very picturesque beauty which only nature could give. Joyce wanted answers but seemed not to know the best place to search. Her quest for love and family had thrown her into a deeper curve than she could take. “Oh My Goodness, would I ever forgive myself for loving this man?” she
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The Mistress of Mr. Smith had given birth to a boy the same day she did. It was a stroke of coincidence that brought them to the same Hospital. No one knew that Mr. Smith had an affair till he broke the news of the Baby he had with his Mistress to her. When the Mistress died after delivery, Joyce took up the raising of the children.

She never really got to know which of the Children were hers. This was one of the major things that could have broken their marriage. Joyce began to figure that if she could survive this then what could be greater than that. However, she made up her mind that in order to get herself together, she would leave Mr. Smith for a season. It may truncate the Political plans of her Husband but her sanity was more important at the time.

“Joyce, Joyce…Open the door. I know I do not deserve to be loved but can you hear what I have to say?” Mr. Smith kept calling to his Wife as he banged the door. He could not bear losing one of the people who he believed truly loves him. His calls were met with no response and he became concerned that Joyce may have hurt herself. Mr. Smith just sat down beside the door and
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