The Quest For Love In James Joyce's Life

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“No, No, No! This cannot be! What did I do to deserve this pain from a Man who says he loves me” the cries of Joyce could be heard down the hall. She had locked herself and refused to listen to the entreaties of anyone. “The sacrifices I have made to keep the marriage are so worthless. I never bargained for this.” The tears that filled her eyes came streaming down her cheek.

She peered through the window and saw the light blue sky. The ray of the Sun was breaking through the Sky. This created a very picturesque beauty which only nature could give. Joyce wanted answers but seemed not to know the best place to search. Her quest for love and family had thrown her into a deeper curve than she could take. “Oh My Goodness, would I ever forgive myself for loving this man?” she asked rhetorically.

It was like a uniform march of those in the Queen’s parade when the hands of the clock began to tick. The sound was coming as real as Joyce tried to quiet her spirit. She did not want to take a rash decision but it was so challenging to let go of the emotions. She could not understand why someone would have planned to take the life of her Father.

Joyce was the last child of her Parents and she was Daddy’s Favorite. It was not long after she became an Adult that her father passed. The rich emotions she shared with her Dad was so strong and it was when she met Tommy; as she fondly called her Husband that she felt she could love again. It was the moment of decision for a Woman who had
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