The Quest For Truth In Paul Revere's Journey

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In the midst of the night, a white horseman dashed to the rescue. His boisterous voice filled the town, "The British are coming.” Paul Revere’s legendary tale has been passed down time and time again. History can sometimes be unconcerned with the truth. An entertaining spin can emphasize the importance of an event or exaggerate the persona of an individual. Truths can be tightly veiled, but it is books like David Hackett Fischer’s Paul Revere's Ride that expounds on the events untold and on the events largely distorted. Fisher immerses his readers into a time in history seldom depicted accurately. He gives the readers an authentic look into Paul Revere’s life, his journey and his persona. Fisher also provides his readers with a new prescriptive on our country’s desire for filiopietistic history. It is a topic rarely discussed, but after reading Fisher’s book, readers will feel a desire to journey on a quest for all truths in history. "The regulars are coming out" (Fischer 109) is the most logical warning that Paul Revere would have been shouting. The language of that that time period differs slightly and the moniker “regulars” is one of the words New Englanders used in reference to British…show more content…
William Dawes, Robert Newman, John Pulling, and Dr. Samuel Prescott among many others contributed to alarming the countryside. Paul Revere's Ride, the book written by David Fischer also describes how we, the American people, have been led to believe some of the inaccurate stories about Revere’s midnight ride. The author uses narrative story telling integrated with detailed descriptions of the people and places that Paul Revere interacted with to give us these facts. Fischer stressed for us to know what really happened so we can better understand why 18th century Americans were willing to risk their lives in the revolutionary
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